grab1 W3S3 [græb] v past tense and past participle grabbed present participle grabbing [T]
1¦(with your hand)¦
3¦(get something for yourself)¦
5¦(get attention)¦
6 how does something grab you?
Phrasal verbs
 grab at/for something
[Date: 1500-1600; : Middle Dutch; Origin: Middle Low German grabben]
to take hold of someone or something with a sudden or violent movement
= ↑snatch
I grabbed my bag and ran off.
Two men grabbed her and pushed her to the ground.
Kay grabbed hold of my arm to stop herself falling.
grab sth from sb/sth
I managed to grab the gun from Bowen.
2.) ¦(FOOD/SLEEP)¦ informal
to get some food or sleep quickly because you are busy
= ↑snatch
Why don't you go and grab some sleep?
Hang on while I grab a cup of coffee.
Let's grab a bite to eat before we go.
to get something for yourself, sometimes in an unfair way
Try to get there early and grab good seats.
Bob tried to grab all the profit.
informal also grab at sth
to take an opportunity, accept an invitation etc immediately
I think you should grab your chance to travel while you're young.
She grabbed the opportunity to go to America.
Melanie grabbed at the invitation to go.
This is our chance to grab a slice of this new market.
to get someone's attention
The book is full of good ideas to grab your students' attention.
The plight of the refugees immediately grabbed the headlines (=was the most important story in the newspapers) .
6.) how does sth grab you?
spoken used to ask someone if they would be interested in doing a particular thing
How does the idea of a trip to Spain grab you?
grab at/for [grab at/for sth] phr v
to quickly and suddenly put out your hand to try and catch or get something
I grabbed at the glass just before it fell.
Lucy grabbed for the money.
grab 2
grab2 n
1.) make a grab for/at sth
to suddenly try to take hold of something
As soon as he turned his back, I made a grab for the revolver.
2.) be up for grabs informal
if a job, prize, opportunity etc is up for grabs, it is available for anyone who wants to try to have it
the act of getting something quickly, especially in a dishonest way
a shameless power grab to eliminate opposition
Officials denounced the settlers' land grab .

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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